Well…dont know why i post a blog about barbeque. Maybe because, last Friday me and my frenz just had a barbeque party. The barbeque, just like usual, pork sausages, chicken wings, kebab, coke and wine.

But the event is a little bit different. it’s Vie’s farewell. Vie and Jerm decided to move to Bali. huhuhu….

Last year, all of us are still in Jakarta. but now, one by one is leaving. It’s only me, Ronald, Valen, Rusly and Henry, in Jakarta. I’m the only girl in the gank…

After this year, only guys, who still in Jakarta. The girls already move to other town/ country.

Hmm…sedih juga, sahabat yang perempuan dah ga ada di Jakarta semua. Padahal biasa, kita sering hang out bareng, tukeran info film, bahkan tips-tips make up dan fashion terkini. Sekarang udah ga ada deh yang bisa diajak tukeran dan ngobrol girl’s things, abisnya semuanya dah ga ada di JakartašŸ˜¦. Satu-satunya media yang menghubungkan kita cuma internet boo…..

Di jakarta yang ada cuma yang co doang. Sebenernya enak sih gaul ma co, mereka lebih objektif dan ga ribet kayak ce. Makanya, temen ce gue juga itu, jenis yang langka, mereka juga ga ribet seperti ce kebanyakan, yang apa-apa maunya berkelompok. Kita wanita-wanita mandiri boo…..Maka iu, mo cari temen ce seperti mereka itu susah banget. Jadilah, gue lebih banyak temen co, karena mereka lebih mudah dicari :p

Waktu, gue cerita ini ke sahabat co gue yang lain, he just said, “ok, i’ll be your girl friend now.”

Hahaha….cute quote, walau gue tau, doi ga bakalan bisa kayak gitu, but i appreciate his willingnes. That’s why i prefer boyfriend than girlfriend.

Bahkan sejak dulu, kebanyakan temen gue adalah co, tapi tetep aja, walau gue punya

Yeah….life must go on, dreams have to catch. but friendship is forever….

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