wish it could last forever

Today, i just had a romantic dinner, with my fiancee, of course…

If you think, we had a dinner in a fancy restaurant, or any other romantic place, then you wrong. Actually, it’s just a simple dinner in our apartment in Makati City, i just wore my pjamas, and he with his homy costume.

I called it romantic, because, this is our first time had a dinner in our place, just the two of us. He prepared all things, i just relax and eat. even, i went swim about 20 minutes, when i got back the dinner is ready…..

He cook spaghetti and asinan, which the asinan, i brought it from Jakarta. The food is nice and the situation, very warm.

Moment like this is a precious moment, because we can’t do this things all the time. After my holiday, i have to back to Indo and struggling with job, life and family.

I wish moment like this won’t end, but i have to wait, until our day is come…….

Makati City,

March, 20, 2008 in middle of Philippines’ nite


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