What do you think about Chocolate?

For me, Chocolate is everything….

I love chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate bar, chocolate color. I have many dresses, which is color is chocolate.

I love all about chocolate.

That’s why, today, in Mall of Asia, Metro Manila, I found a cakery, which name is Chocolate.

Then, I decided to try their cake.

Actually,at that time, I’m still full, but if it’s related with chocolate, then no compromises. I still have space in my stomach :p

The place is nice, because the decoration is chocolate and it’s feels homy.

The menu is interesting, they have chocolate Bailey’s cake, Kahlua’s chocolate cake, Brownies, Tiramisu. Yeah, it’s all about chocolate, even the drink also.

I decided to try Chocolate Bailey’s cake. The slice is big enough and the price is cheaper rather than in Jakarta. For 1 slice is 50 pesos (Rp. 10.000). For whole cake around 300 pesos.

But the taste is standard, the cake is too sweet, and a little bit rough.

The brownies is better than the cake.

Yeah….the cakery is disappointed me, for the taste,  Dapur Coklat is still the best.

If I saw something related with Chocolate, than that’s enough to makes me “nuts”, i have to touch it or feel it hehehe….

Chocolate, makes me feel relax and hungry hahaha….


March, 23, 2008


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