different things but only one God

What i like from living abroad is we can see many interesting things from our new environment. and now what i wanna share is about Christian Fellowship here, in Manila.

Near our apartment, there’s a church for international people. It’s called Union Church of Manila (UCM). Sometimes, we go there for sunday service, but sometimes we go to ICF (Indonesian Christian Fellowship). A fellowship only for indonesian¬† who lives in Manila. They use both languanges, Bahasa and English. Just like, other church in Indonesia, their liturgy mostly are the same.

A week, since i arrived in Manila, i went to UCM for Sunday service. At that time, they had a special occasion, celebrate church anniversary. Before the service, kids from 40 countries were wearing their national uniform and in their hands were their flag, parade to the sanctuary.

40 countries is a symbol for people from 40 countries who has their religious service here.

For me, it’s felt..WOW….

Many people, came from many countries, different languanges, different cultures, on Sunday morning, come to this church to worship the Lord. We sing together, like we have the same languanges. We muse God’s word together.

Different color, different race, different countries, different cultures but only ONE God.

This event, reminds me with my country in Indonesia and also the war in Congo. We are all God’s creature, why we have to fight each other, hurt on another. Can peace come to our lives?

If, peoples in UCM could worship only one God together, why we can’t keep peace in the world?


One thought on “different things but only one God

  1. You can experience similar atmosphere in International Mass held every 11;00 am Sunday, at St. Theresia Catholic Church, Menteng. ^^
    Or join International Christmas Choir that is held at Erasmus Huis Kuningan, every year during August-December. ^^

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