another day before Christmas

“…Christmas christmas time is near…time for toys and time for cheer….

….please christmas don’t be late..”

Yeah…christmas is near, everyone..:)

Especially in Makati city, which every single corner decorates with Christmas ornaments. The trees, the sidewalks, street lamps, all of it are so bright and beautiful.

Walking in Makati street on night is becoming an interesting journey right now. The climate is cool, the city is beautiful…Hmm…nothing more interesting to spend the night in this city.

Last week, me and my friends tried a new experience and spend the afternoon in “San Miguel by the bay”. A beach behind the Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in Philippines and 3rd in the world. Just like other places, this place already full with christmas ornaments. They also have a huge christmas tree inside the mall.

It was sunset time. That day, the sunset was  a “perfecto”. The sun was in complete circle. The sky was blue and bright. A perfect combination for a sunset. Even when the sun is already down, we still can see the red colour from the sun. It really looks like an aurora…beautiful…

We didn’t want to waste time, then we prepared our camera and took many pictures of it..

I got this pics on a week before
I got this pics on a week before
horay...i can wear my short here....:D. i think i will get arrested if i


San miguel by the bay...
See..many people spend their afternoon here...and christmas ornaments in every spot

sunset time


The sidewalk was full of people, who enjoyed the view and ambience. I was enjoyed too.  We bought the street food, I think it’s like shabu-shabu, but fried. Quite yummy tough.. we also tried Zagu, it’s a Taiwanese beverage, with pearl (I think you, guys, knew it).

Unfortunately, they don’t have any fireworks on Sunday :(, they only have it on Friday – Saturday. If not, that would be really my perfect afternoon. hmm…i’ll go there next saturday :p

That was one of my days in Manila. I really enjoyed living here..


5 thoughts on “another day before Christmas

  1. Lagu itu kalo gak salah yang nyanyi Alvin and The Chipmunks ya? Ato Chip ‘n Dale? ^^
    It’s nice to know that you’re leading a happy life there :p

  2. yeap…chipmunk..:D
    thank u san…
    abis disini lumayan lah, lebih bisa ekspresif..
    gw ikutan kelas dance di Fitness First, wuih mereka dancenya heboh bener, udah kayak di club beneran..:D
    jadi demen deh..

  3. Wah asyik, jangan-jangan ntar lu pulang Jakarta gw susah ngenalin lu lagi saking langsingnya Jen, hehe… ^^

  4. Christmas pulang kampung nih….:D
    disini ramenya sekarang-sekarang ini, kalo udha natalan mah, orang-orang pada pulang kampung. Jadi kita juga mendingan pulang kampung juga hehhee….
    waduh san..disini sih kemana2 emang jalan kaki, tapi makan tetep jalan juga dong hehhee

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