What’s in your mind if you hear airport word?

Airline ? 


Traveling ?

Go abroad?

Yep, those words also in my mind if hear about airport. 

But I want to add another experience, which happened to me in the airport.

Meeting various people around the world.

I met a Chinese – Filipino woman on my first trip from Manila – Jakarta. Then we arranged a meeting in Jakarta, to know each other. She lives in Jakarta, because she run a family business here. 

Four months later, i met her again in NAIA Airport, Manila. It was  a coincidence. I was going back to Jakarta after holiday in Manila. She also spent her holiday with her family. We took the same airline.

When i saw her, what i think was,” I think i know this person.”

and she saw me, with the same mimic, a curious and suprised mimic. After that, we screamed…..”aaaawwww…what are you doing here, how can we meet again here….bla bla….” We laughed together…and we always smiled when we remember this funny coincidence.

It was a rare coincidence…..Manila is a big city, and also Indonesia, but how we can meet here, in the airport and the same flight?

Last December, when i went back to Jakarta from Manila,  We met again………

She was waiting in the Soekarno-Hatta boarding room, and I just arrived from Manila.

She was sitting near the door, while I passed her….

She saw me and I saw her, ” oh my gosh, how this can happen again?”’s really a funny funny experienced….


one more thing,

 I met her friends, here in Manila. I attended a seminar about economics, and her friends also attended.

Unfortunately, She didnt come.

If she comes…i think we will scream like crazy…:P


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