Yesterday (Sunday, 18-01-09), i went to Dreamland, Cavite, Philippines. It really an interesting experience. It’s been a year i really want to visit this place, and that’s happened yesterday.

What do think if you heard a name called “Dreamland”.

For the first time i’ve heard this name, i really shocked. Because i saw the video about this place destructed by taifun and life’s here is really poor and unappropriate to humanity. The people live in dump site. All around is garbage, and people build their home above the scrapheap. Even their house materials from garbage. If they found woods; carpets; blanket; unused tire; board,  they use it to build home.

But the name of this place is Dreamland…

Actually the scenery of this site is nice. It’s beach front, and mountain’s view.

Tzu Chi Philippines found this place on December 2007, when they distributed humanity relief for Taifun victims. Because of Tzu Chi volunteers are touched by the people here, so they decided to help and guide the people. Once a month Tzu Chi volunteers visit Dreamland and distribute 10kg rice, daily needs; and the important things is make a connection with the people. Let the people knew, that volunteers really care about them and want they life full of blessing.

With the other volunteers, i visit Roselle’s  “house”. Roselle is a 16 years old girl and she is a disable since birth. She is blind and paralyzed. She can’t sit or move his leg. It’s only her right hand, which strong enough to move. We visited her to help her take a bath and played with her. Roselle now can smile, and knew if we talk to her. Before that Tzu CHi volunteer met her, Roselle’s condition was really wistful. Her hair was long, never take a bath, dirty, she didn’t wear clothes. Her parents just give her a blanket and the blanket also very dirty and had unpleasant smell. She lives with Papa and Grandma, her mother left her since knew she is disable.

That’s life !

But i really touched with Tzu Chi volunteer here. They never give up to support the people. They encourage people here not only by physic support but also spiritual support. Example, encorage parents to give a maximum opportunity to their children for education, because education is the only hope for them to jump up from this situation. 

The purpose of the monthly relief is not to make the people become a lazy person, but to give opportunity for people to think or do something that can make their life better. 

It will need long time support for them to jump up from this situation, but I’m sure Tzu Chi Volunteers have a commitment to do it until it’s finish..

Jia yo…


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