The Birthday

Just like every years, I celebrate my birthday on January, 17th.

This years I’m 28.

Actually, all i want is a “down to earth” birthday celebration. Means only with Jay, buy a cake and have a dinner.

But, it’s not happened. Jay already had a plan to make a suprised party for me.

That afternoon I had a lunch with my new-Chinese-friend. In the mids of Lunch, Jay called and asked me to go home. I really don’t have any idea about was gonna happened.

When I arrived at home, everyone already hidden in my kitchen with cake and lot’s of food. They’ve suprised me…

The funny thing was all of them held camera hahaha….

They are Indonesian friends here.

After that we spend all day together. In the evening, we went to main road in Makati. Because of a carnaval, the main road was closed for vehicle. So we can walk along the road and took some crazy pictures.

Phew tired day!

Some of my best friends in Indonesia also send text message. Glad, they didn’t forget my day. 

And my facebook wall also full of wishes. 

Thanks guys!


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