Good food and cheap price

Everyone loves good food. Including me..

A friend recommended me a restaurant near Rockwell. It’s a Chinese food restaurant with different taste.

I was suprised when the first time got there. It’s a house (people here said : an apartment), with no names, no house number, no sign at all.

Luckily, my friend already gave me the house number, so we just need to count the house. After a little bit sure about the place, we asked people there, only for make sure. There it is…We found the place…

The place quit comfort. The owner is a couple from mainland china. The wife can’t speak in English, but the husband can (he is the Chef). So, I have to talked in Chinese and I’m not too good at it.

The menu list is also in chinese character. I only known the familiar character e.g 鱼,菜,肉,牛,米饭,鸡,烧, etc. It’s really difficult for me to understand, so I just told the owner, ” 我们要吃鱼, 那一个是好吃的?“

She asked me,” 妮喜欢啦,吗?“

I said,” 喜欢的。“

Then she helped me to choose the food. We ordered two kind of food, and all of it really nice.

The fish was fresh and spicy, with pepper, chilli,etc. The vegetable also nice and different taste.

We really satisfied with the food, and told our friends about this restaurant. They also excited to try the food. So, we went there again for dinner on the day after. 

The restaurant really crowded and all of them is chinese people. We have to wait for 30 mins. Besides, the owner only 2 person. The wife was really busy, she had to help her husband to prepared the food and also serve the guest. 

The guests understood their problem and help the owner to prepare their own self while waiting the food. E.g We prepared our own table, chopstick, drink, rice.

We just go to the kitchen and ask where to get things. Then pick it up and bring it to table. It’s really fun, seems like we have our own restaurant. 

The funniest things is we not understand the menu, so we just see others table’s menu and said to the boss, which one we want to. We ordered 9 menus and really full. 

Two of my friends doesnt like eat fish, but here, they were eat much fish and enjoy it. Even, my friend who usually never eat much rice, here she ate a full bowl of rice. I was shocked and she was too…

Hahahaa…yeah because the food too delicious…

The price?? really really cheap, it’s cost 160 peso per person.

That restaurant become our favorite restaurant since then..:)



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