People are unique, but sometimes they are annoying

People are unique…

No doubt for that statement.

Lately, I have a little fun by watching people around. What’s I’m going to tell is like this…..

Since I moved to Manila, I always go to gym for Yoga class, Body combat class or Body jam class. I meet a lot of new people there; they are really Filipino (Yes it is, because all of them is Pinoy). Sometimes, I can laugh by myself just look at their act.

I knew a guy. He’s short, chubby, wear glasses, but he’s really friendly. I think everyone there know who he is. Well, I’m not know him well, only his name and a “slight cheek friend kiss” when we meet. In every class, he always takes in-front-of-stage position. But during the class, he always looks at to his back. He wants to see who can’t follow the instructor, and then he would help them.

I really like his act when he’s interact with other guy. With his comical face and body language, I think it’s kind a fun….(Already knew his interested in…???)

He’s one of my favorite victim, means that I like to watch his attitude…:p

The other person who draw my attention is a Filipino woman. She’s a little bit fat with long hair but really like to dance. Even though she is fat, she has a good dancing-move. Once I’ve seen his spouse, and he is a “bule”. They are very romantic although they are in public area.

She’s not pretty, but she’s body language could make people to turn their eyes for her. 

The Body jam’s instructor is also my favorite. He always cheers up people who can’t follow the move. He also like to use his comical face to reduce the tense of class, then everyone would laugh or just give a slight smile..:)

Hmm…But he would be really different when he teaches Body Balance class after the Body jam class. It’s really funny, because he’s “crazy” and “wild” during the Body Jam class, then suddenly he become calm, soft and full of wisdom for Body Balance class. I like his class though.

That’s the class….

How is the locker room??

I saw a late-20-woman today. She was doing her make up when I entered the locker room. She’s wearing a tight and short long dress. I didn’t pay much attention for her before. It become curious and interesting, when I already took the shower and changed the clothes, she still stood in the same position and did the same activities. Seems like she never stop to watch herself in front of mirror. Narcissi….

Finally she put her shoes on, then again she looked herself in the mirror. After that, she went inside the shower room, when she came out again she saw herself the mirror.

Look at her attitude, I really want to shout,” Hey, after you walk away the locker room and go to your car, I’m sure your dress position already change, because you are not stop moving.”


Those are the example of people characters. Unique but sometime annoying, just like the narcissi woman…


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