This is a good choice to spend your life :)

If you are a woman and you gave up your job because of your husband is making a lot of money. Also he is not allow you to work, then I have a good solution for you.

(This is a part that I took from One Fifth Avenue Novel by Candance Bushnell)

“…..Your husband makes the money and you create the life. You’ll rise each morning and exercise, not simply to look attractive but to build endurance. Most ladies prefer Yoga. Then you will dress. You’ll arrange your schedule and send e-mails. You’ll attend a meeting for a charity in the morning, or perhaps visit an art dealer or make a studio visit. You’ll have lunch, and then there are meetings with decorators, caterers and stylists; You’ll have your hair colored twice a month and blow-dried three times a week. You’ll do private tours of museums and read three newspapers a day : the New York Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. At the end of the day, you’ll prepare for an evening out, which may include two or three cocktail parties and a dinner. SOme will be black-tie charity events where you’ll be expected to wear a gown and never the same dress twice. You’ll need to have your hair and make-up done. You’ll also plan vacations and weekend outings. You may purchase a country house, which you will also have to organize, staff, and decorate. You will meet the right people and court them in a manner both subtle and shameless. And then, my dear, there will be children. So….???”

Wow…what a life 🙂

So ladies, I think it’s a good choice to spend your time, especially if your husband is making huge money.


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