School’s life

Third weeks of school, hmmm…i don’t know what to say. I feel overwhelm with the assignments.

The Media ethics’ Professor give many assignments. Every week we have to give a quesion to the reporter team. The question will give us credit to our attendance grade. Means that if we don’t come up with a question, we are absent the class. For final assignment, she ask us to write a 25-pages-journal about media ethics and she wants to publish our research become a yearly journal in U.P.

Well….that gives me a lot of pressure. I mean, I’m in first semester and i never write a long paper with English 😦

Then, my second subject is Media Theory. I have twice presentation and its all about communication theory 😦

The last subject is History of Broadcasting. This is a small class, because the students only me and an Indian priest. Both of us doesn’t have any educational background in media so its a requirement for us to take this class. Because of the size, so this class a little bit interesting. We can arrange everything very easy and the teacher already planned some activities outside campus, such as : attending Philippines Indie film festival, and a trip to Intramuros. Even though the class is interesting but we also have many assignments. Those are writing a 800-words-blog about class activity; fourth times presentation about media revolution and broadcasting in Asia; the last one is final paper.

Because of these are Graduate Studies program, so we don’t have comprehensive examination but paper. Actually, its harder rather than examination. Its need critical analysis.

Well, but i feel very lucky because all of three classes are connecting each other. The basic theory about communication, I learn in Media theory class, and the same theories are using in Media Ethics class. History of Broadcasting class teach me the very basic of media studies.

That’s life…..

July 03, 2009


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