Presidential election

Indonesia is going to have a Presidential election on July 8. As a good citizen I have an obligation to choose for it. Even though I’m living in Manila but I’ve got the letter election.

But the big problem is I don’t know who I want to choose.

I’ve read newspaper about our presidential candidates. The more I read, the more I don’t know which one is qualify and not. Because the candidates are using media as their campaign machine. They know the power of media and they use it as the way to achieve goals.  Through media, they speak out their promises to people. They want a better Indonesia, better this..better that…But the fact is, after one of them become president, they forgot their promises.

On the other hand, media are trying to give information as much as they can. They’re trying to be objective for what they publish. But the thing is, media is an output product from people. What people do, people’s thoughts, people’s hope,etc. are combine into one package and publish by media. So, even though media said that they are a neutral media, but the truth is nothing is neutral, only the neutral itself are neutral.

For me, I don’t know much about politics. Well, I can say that I hate politics, because politics is all about manipulated, money and power. They said with power that can control the society, but until now in Indonesia, not much people in politics that have goodwill to create a better world. Usually, they would forget their idealistic after they’ve got the power.

Well, I think I’ll choose the current president, because i believe he’s a good leader and he still has many homework to do to create a better country. Even though, I’ve heard bad rumors about him. At least, I want to give him a chance. He’s not the best canditates, but he’s the best from the worst 🙂

I saw a video about Golput (meaning: a person who is not use their vote). The video’s message is to encourage people to choose. But something that I don’t agree is they are using 10-12 years old children as their endorser. In this video, children are saying : “don’t be a golput… don’t be a golput…”.

Well, the logic is those children are too young to understand about politics. I’m sure they are not understand what is the effect of being Golput or not. Then, it’s pretty sure that the person who make this video was gave his influence to these children to say those words. It’s really uncreative way to make a campaign video. The worst is this video has a message that,” it’s a shame of you if you become a Golput, even kids are understand that being a golput is bad things.”

Here’s the link

July 4, 2009


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