My teacher gave me a documentary film about Imelda Marcos – the widow of Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th president of the Philippines. This is a good film and help me to understand Filipino history. But as a outsider, I realized that I can not 100% agree or believe about the information.

She began her role as the first lady in December 1953 – February 1986. After that she became Governor, member of parliament, and minister. In 1983 she was exile to Hawaii with all her family.

About this whole film, the filmmaker -Romuna S. Diaz – was trying to balance his film. He put all information about Imelda’s personality, her first lady’s life, her politics life and family. Also Diaz interviewed some relatives’ of Imelda, relatives’ in politics including American officials.

From this film, i have a strong perception about Imelda. She’s smart, independent and kind a person who born to become the person she does. She was Miss Philippines, she sings very well, she’s beautiful. She’s play her role very well as the Philippines first lady. She’s always in perfect condition when she’s appeared in the public, perfect make up, hair do and gown. Also she knew how to put herself in society.

In the beginning of the story, i thought the filmmaker really wants to create a good impression of her. But in the middle and end of the film, he’s  present Imelda’s hard time. For instance, when a person was trying to kill her in the public, the Martial law era, the exile time, the day Marcos died, etc.

Well, this kind of film that the filmmaker just throw all the data and information then let audience decide which is right and which is wrong.

And i’ve got that conclusion that Imelda is an extraordinary person. But that perception is not objective, coz I dont know her politics decision. If is there any people who does not like her, then why the reason? Is it related with her controversional decision? or is she really a nice person, its because of media made her image became so bad?

I can’t answer that question, because I don’t know her. I knew her only in this film.

But I remember something, in 1980’s there were many news about Marcos, including in Indonesia’s news. My mother mentioned her name so many times that she had a thousands shoes collection, that Marcos was corrupt, that marcos lose on their presidential election, etc. So, from this, I know that Philippines news was on the top news at that time. Even my Chinese Profesor remember when Imelda went to China and wore the Filipino’s traditional gown.

Lastly, I like her personality. Even though many Filipinos do not like her because of her political apperance. Well, at least she did something for her country in culture and be a good image for Filipino.


One thought on “Imelda

  1. gw dah nonton film ini setaun yg lalu Jen. hati2 mengomentari sosok kontroversi terlebih bila kita tdk bersinggungan langsung dgn persoalan tsb 🙂

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