If only..no revolution…

I was assigned to read a book about “A History of mass Communication.” It is a book about information revolutions. From how the ancient Sumerian invented writing until up-to-date technology.

It is an amazing story, how they created new technology and how it was changed the way people lived.Wow…

ALso, many innovation from those times were not invented by one person, but from several people.

If only, Sumerian people did not created writing….

If only, Telegraph never invented…

If only, movies never born…

I’m sure, right now i would not type this script in front of my Mac Book, and I would never known about photography or movies, which are something that i could not live with.

Wow….I’m so grateful that I live in 21th century and I’m able to enjoy all the high technology gadget.

But the important is thanks to our heroes, who invented amazing products for us.


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