Queen Elizabeth II & Lady Diana

As famous figures among the Palace residents, Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Diana are reflection from their generation. Queen Elizabeth represents conventional and monarchy era. On the other hand, Lady Diana represents modernity and freedom of expression. The images follow them from their first step to the Palace, and especially for Lady Diana until her death.

Since mass media was invented, it became its nature to be present in all-important events in history, including important event in 1953, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. For broadcasting history, many practitioners called this as a revolution in broadcasting. Not only because of the event but also the technical support. It was a live show from Britain to France, West Germany and Holland. Also for the first time, the first film was shown in Canada with the same time in Britain (its because of geographic condition). It all costs 44.000 pound, not a cheap amount for that moment.

Controversy also happened at that time, the cabinet and church banned cameras to enter the palace during the coronation ceremony. It because of the monarchy wanted to protect their young queen from media exposure. But, finally the cabinet allowed camera to record the ceremony but with one condition, do not close-up the Queen and the Crown.

Well, as a media practitioner, we know that close-up shot would create different atmosphere and perspective if we use it in the right moment. In the important event like this and not allowed to do close-up shot, well…I’m sure the program will never achieve the climax. Luckily, the Program Director, Peter Dimmock gave a shot for it, and the result was unbelievable.

Since then, the relation between media and Palace would never be the same again.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth was the first step of media to know better about Palace’s life. One of the favorite figures in the Buckingham Palace was Lady Diana. Her life already became public consumption since she entered the Palace.

Lady Di was an icon for modernity in Buckingham Palace. She did some breakthrough to a strict-conventional culture. Also, during her life, it seemed most of the spotlight was on her. People were like to talk about her newest activities and her wardrobe.

Until the moment before she passed away, Paparazzi never leave her alone. She died in the car crash in Paris, 1997. Many people blamed the Paparazzi, who chased her car.

The Coronation of the Queen and the day that Lady Diana’s accident were happened with time difference, 44 years. Also it was the same time when television develops itself in the modern era.

Media grow rapidly, the innovation of technology makes world become smaller. Information become things that people always look for. The high demand of information, put media companies in the competition to be the fastest, accurate and reliable. To achieve that goal, some of media workers would do everything to do the job. For example; Paparazzi. Tabloid looks for hot issues among public figure to attract readers. As the lowest layer in the industry, Paparazzi also would do everything to pay their routine bills, including chasing pictures of celebrities when they unaware.

Those conditions were different in the era of 1950s. Technology did not innovative enough to push industry in the competitive area like today. So, media workers still did the job ethical. For instance; in this documenter film, a reporter found out the Princess Margareth’s affair, but the editor refused to publish the story because of he respect the Queen’s event. What’s about media today? Does ethics still become the top consideration to publish news?

Well, media’s world is changing now. Some elites are using media to their own interests, even though they have to expose their private life. But as long as it brings them to the goal, so be it.


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