The TV Set Movie

Television doesn’t show the world the way it really is, but offers a highly distorted picture. (Berger: 2003).

Television is a media that being loved and being hated by many people. We love television because it gives us information, entertainment and knowledge. But we hate television for its power to blurred away traditional culture and lead young generation to popular culture. Media directs society’s behavior, attitudes, and thoughts.

The TV Set movie reflects that pictures obviously. Every sitcom, reality show, and programs in television are hegemonic products. Money and power are the main goal. Idealistic is another issue that can be rule-out.

Mike Klein, an idealistic writer, has a deep concern to his and others TV programs. He realized that as a writer; he has a responsibility to bring a fresh and positive content to houses. In other words, writer is the last filter for the content of the show. But as a professional, Mike has to deal with situation that he can’t do anything to prevent his idealistic. His powerful boss, Lenny, is his biggest problem. As a network president, she doesn’t care with the content program; but rating and money are something that Lenny concerns the most. Lenny’s character is a reflection for media industry management today. Sometimes, for the sake of rating, media management would air any programs, as long as the program able to sale. I remember ten years ago in Indonesia, there was a soap opera program. In the beginning, it was a good story with strong characters. The audiences loved it and the rating was good. Until one point that the story had to be end, but the producer kept produce it and create non-sense story in order to get more advertisers. The program kept running for six years and in my opinion, it was a very bad story and really doesn’t make sense.

The TV Set movie describes audiences who watch sitcom programs are people in class C and D. Those are elderly, unemployed, and ethnic minorities; they are reflecting a vulnerable class and spent much time in front of television. Berger in “Society & Media” said that television provides essentially escapist fare – silly comedies, violence-ridden action adventure shows and similar kinds of material with little redeeming social and aesthetic value. Also the stories shown on television tend to suggest that the “American Dream” is alive and anyone with high determination and willpower can succeed. Well, is it true? Do people have same opportunity to succeed?

Well, once again television’s content is always a mediated, highly edited, distorted image of reality.

Starring: David Duchovny; Sigourney Weaver; Ioan Gruffudd.

A Film by Jake Kasdan (2007)


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