The Wireless Telegraph

Last month on CNN, I saw CNN’s program “40 years anniversary of moon landing”. On the program, the reporter asked people about the greatest achievement of human. For me, I have several answers for that. One of them is wireless telegraph; if conventional telegraph needs wire to transmit the messages, then by wireless telegraph it doesn’t need. Wireless telegraph was the basic of radio development. Then in our time, so many appliances that use wireless systems, for instance mobile phone, microwave oven, television broadcast, wireless LAN etc. I don’t think I can imagine, live in 21st century and no mobile phone?

Marchese Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian inventor. His famous work was wireless telegraph. For his contribution to the development of wireless telegraphy, he achieved the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics and shared it with Karl Ferdinan Braun.

Actually, James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves through mathematical work in 1865. Then in 1887, Heinrich Hertz demonstrated the reality of Maxwell’s electromagnetic waves by experimentally generating radio waves in his laboratory. Marconi was inspired by Hertz’s work and he was tried to use radio waves to create a practical system. Though, Marconi’s idea was not a new idea, numerous inventors had been exploring wireless technology for over 50 years, but none had proven successful. Marconi assembled and improved an array of facts, unified and adapted them to his system.

With Marconi’s wireless telegraph, once again, world’s become smaller because of technology development. It helped people to get a better life, in the same time it dramatically change the way of living. An example here is the installation wireless telegraph after Titanic terrible accident. By having wireless telegraph communication ship to ship became possible and rescue could come faster.

Here is the link of Marconi demonstrated wireless telegraph

In the modern life, many people depend on electronic media to communicate or getting information. People can communicate now to other people from other places even other continents. So, as a modern society, we have to respect all the hard work, thought, and goodwill from inventors in the past. Because of them, we are able to enjoy all the comfort of life.


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