dog’s thing

I just watched Animal Planet’s program about “Reveal Asia’s “. This time its about dogs in Japan.

While i watched this program i cannot stop saying,”wow….crazy….how could this happen..”

First of all, they have spa and hotel for dogs. The hotel has jacuzzi facilities for dogs. Well, its common, right?

But, those spas and hotels have a service to marry dogs. They are using Japanese tradition service plus milk ceremony (substitute tea) , cake and ribbon (to substitute the ring). The guests are the owner’s friends with they dogs, which they claimed their dogs are friends of “bride and groom”.

Well, like you know the happiest person on that “wedding” were the owner and guests. The dogs just like usual, they didnt’ realize that something special was happened. The dogs just barking and play around (its dogs’ habit, right?)

Another story is they have dog’s rental shop. We can rent dogs hourly or daily. But we cannot buy the dogs, no matter happens. In the program, there was a couple who always come to the rental shop and rent the same dog every weekend, because they fell in love with the dog. In their home, the couple already bought a dog’s video. So they watched together and hope the dog would like it.

In Japan, there also have restaurants for dogs. The restaurants provided dogs meal and birthday cake with lovely card and messages on it. The restaurants also concern with the aesthetic looks on food. Wow, if you ask my opinion, i would say,” it’s a cute, lovely and beautiful food’s decoration.”

Also, dog yoga, dog & owner salon, dog funeral, dog food, etc

Wow….the dogs are lucky, because the owner spoiled them so much.

Well, why this could happen?

Is it hard to find friends there?

That’s why pet dog is a solution to ease the loneliness.

Or, japanese doesn’t want to have babies and they refers to pet dog?

But no matter what, this kind of dog’s trend is reducing unemployment and economy could growth. It’s a nice thing, right?

ps. Unfortunately, i can’t find the image or video from internet.


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