Tips in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport is modern, huge and tourist-friendly. After we exit from immigration gate, we can find MTR ticket booth; Tourist information (with tourist guide, Hong Kong Map, what to do in Hong Kong, tips in Hong Kong, buy Disneyland ticket, etc.); and money-changer with good price and additional 50$ phone card for free.

Going out from Airport

Going out from Airport to city is easy if you already know your destination in city.

First, with MTR Airport Express from Airport to Tsing Yi; Kowloon and Hong Kong island (Central). The tickets cost around 100$ one-way and will take 24 minutes.

Second by Hotel transfer, it is more convenient because it direct to your hotel. You can arrange it with your hotel or in Tourist Information booth in airport. The cost is around 75$ one-way.

Third by taxi, but it is very expensive. The cost is around 300$ from airport to Kowloon.

Fourth by bus, the tickets depend on destination. It is cheaper than MTR or Taxi or Hotel transfer, but you have to know where you have to drop off. Buy the tickets in Bus Station.

Octopus Card

During our stay in Hong Kong, we used Octopus Card to ride MTR, Bus, Trem and buy some stuff in stores located in MTR station. The Octopus card is available in MTR ticket booth after Immigration exit Gate in Airport.

The minimum amount is 50$ and it needs deposit 50$ for each card. It is refundable (the left amount and the deposit) with additional 7$ as the fee. Refundable payment could do in airport Ground level, near the MTR station.

To re-load your Octopus Card, just go to the ticket booth in MTR station. The minimun amount is 50$.

The advantages of Octopus card are the fee is cheaper than usual tickets, and you don’t need to queue for buy tickets every time you ride public transportation.

There is special rate for kids. Just ask in MTR station.

Additional information

Plan your trip well by search information on Internet before your departure and take Hong Kong map; MTR route and Bus schedule from Tourist information. The map also available on Internet, it will give you any idea about Hong Kong.

Take whatever booklet you need for your trip on Tourist Information in airport.

If you get lost, look for bus station. Usually there is map about the area, and you will get any idea where you are and where you have to go.

Wanna have an adventurous trip? Do not take Taxi. Just walk, ride MTR or Bus, and you will find unexpected things.

Enjoy the trip!

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