Hong Kong Disneyland

I always love to visit Disneyland. Here is the place that I can be a little girl again and expand my imagination beyond. No wonder, I was so excited when I visited Hong Kong and Disneyland is a must-go place for me.


Hong Kong Disneyland is same with other Disneyland outside U.S. such as Japan and Euro Disney. Space Mountain is the only roller coaster ride in this park. The other ride is for kids, such as Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster; Carousel; Dumbo the Flying elephant; the many adventure of Winnie The Pooh, etc.

Then, the question is what adults should do in Disneyland? Well, I spent my time with watched attractions. Golden Mickey is a must see attraction. It is a musical show of Disney film, such as The Hunchback of Rotterdam, Little Mermaid, Mickey, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch and many more. The attraction is very interesting with beautiful song, wardrobe, stage and storyline. I really enjoyed the show, and its reminds me with my memories with family and friends during teenager time.

Mickey’s Philhar Magis is a 3D attraction. But, I’d prefer to call this 4D attraction. I admitted this movie is better than 4D in Movie World Australia. The picture is so alive and colorful. To enjoy more the effect of 4D, take your seat in front row.

Disney Parade; High School Musical; Disney fireworks are also a must see attraction. I went there on Halloween event, so they have special attractions such as Demon Jungle; Main Street Haunted Hotel; and Alien Invasion. I was only able to visit Main Street Haunted Hotel, a ghost house. Inside this haunted house are actor and actress, with convinced and perfect acting to make us scared or laugh or even crying; dark spaces; rooms; corridor and along narrow hallways filled with special effects, illusions, sudden movement and chilling, thrilling surprises at every turn. Also, the design inside the house is very detail and good. Woww…I’m so impressed with the set-design and acting.

The Halloween parade is also nice but out of my expectation. The brochure said it would be a glow in the dark parade, but actually it is not. Well, at least I’m impressed with the characters acting. Ow, the character for Halloween is the Nightmare before Christmas’s characters.

A disney staff draw this character with broom and water

Actually, Disneyland is not a place for roller coaster rider such as in Ocean Park, Movie World or Dream World, but it is a fantasyland, where we can lay back and feel like we are in childhood times and enjoy the attractions.

To reach Disneyland in Hong Kong is very easy. Just take MTR yellow line and transfer to pink line in Sunny Bay. Then, there you are in Disneyland MTR station.


Tips: Get brochure or map in entrance and plan your time for attractions. There is a free water station near Fantasy Garden.

Have fun!

For more information visit http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com/hkdl/en_US/home/home?name=HomePage


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