Good & Evil in The Philippines Immigration Office

Feb 14, 2011


I am still amazed with my experience in Philippines Immigration office today. I went there to extend my brother’s tourist visa.

Before i went there, i’ve checked their websites about requirements and whether they need my brother’s appearance. It says that the applicant MAY OR MAY NOT BE APPEAR. then, with this information i told my brother not to come with me, since he also had English lesson here.


In the office there are some requirements to do and the first one is fill up a form.

In the submission counter, the official staff told me that he needs my brother appearance and he asked me why my brother’s not coming, then i told him that my brother is studying English here. His answered,” it is already a violation, he needs student visa.”

Anyway, i know this guy was just bluffing and threatened me. So, I back to my seat and thinking to look for an agent to help me to process this visa.

There, i saw a woman -an accredited agent, i asked her how to process my visa and told her my argument with the guy in counter. She said, “yes, you need your brother’s appearance.”

Then, i asked whether she wants to help me with the process, she said,”okay, the official fee is 3030 pesos, you pay it in the counter, and if you want it to be done in 30 minutes, additional 300 pesos and i’ll give it to that guy (the previous guy who had argument with me), if not you have to wait for 1-2 hours.”

Well, explicitly i asked how much is your fee, but she said nothing about it.

So, after i pay it in the counter, i wait…and within 10 minutes the passport is done….

and i didnt pay any fee to that woman and she did not said or ask money from me…

She gave me the Passport and she left…..that’s it….. i even didnt have chance to say thank you to her…..


After that, i was so amazed and froze…


I mean you know, the guy behind the counter, who should NOT accept money, is the corrupter; then there…a woman, who is getting money from people like me, is the one that does NOT want to receive any money.


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