I help you and others will help me

Yesterday, on my way back to Jakarta from Manila, i took SQ flight. I departed from Manila in early morning and arrived in Spore in mid days, my next flight to Jakarta was the last flight, its around 10pm. So i had more or less 10 hours transit in Singapore. I intentionally transit in SIngapore, because i wanna go to the city to buy books and taking pictures in Singapore. I was traveling alone and depending highly on Singapore’s map.


My first destination was Bras Basah complex, because I’ve heard this is the center of second hand books.

So, in the MRT i asked a girl that sit beside me, about how to get there, because i couldnt find it on the map. The girl is a Singaporean, but she has been lived in Dubai for 7 years, so, she doesn’t know whether the new MRT line is already open or not. Then, another young woman approached us and gave me a new MRT map, she’s also explained how to go there and then she just left. Wow….it is really unexpected.

After that, I and the Singaporean girl chat along the trip and sadly we have to separate in Paya Lebar station, because of her destination was China town and i had to take the new MRT line. Too bad, i didnt ask her contact, because she’s really a nice person.


Then, in Marina Bay Mall, to be exact in information desk, i met a couple from New Zealand. They wanted to go to Sentosa and asked the route to a girl in information desk, but the girl only can help the route of the bus. So, since i have visited Sentosa, i know a little about it and i helped them to go there. Not only that, we were taking the same bus’ route and chat.


On my way back to airport, still in MRT, an old man approached me and asked me in Mandarin about what’s route of the MRT that we were taking; suddenly he realized that he took wrong route. So, again I helped him how to go back and what’s line that he should take. Again, we chat…..


Its really unexpected experiences, i only spent 10 hours but i got “partners” along the journey and sharing experiences.

I think after this, i should consider to travel alone, because adventure is outhere 🙂

December  16th, 2010


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