Can we live without Facebook?

I was one of Facebook’s fans. No days without Facebook. I chatted, posted status, uploaded photos and built new networking. I posted all my details on it, except my home address and cell phone number, of course. My intention was I wanna my new friends knew about me. I did the same things too with my new friends, I gained my knowledge about them from it. No doubt, it works! Until certain times, I thought I could not live without it, because it helps me!

Few days ago, I decided to deactivate my account. Just wanna know if I can live without it.

In every technology- in particular communication technology, there is ’embedded ideology’ behind it. Meaning, technology is not developed by itself but there is reason behind its development, such as to gain power, knowledge or profit (Robert Hassan). Technology is not neutral, it has purpose behind its creation. For example: the development of Internet. The US military developed it during cold war era. The idea was the US needed a network to activate automatically if ever Russia launched nuclear bomb. Power and domination are the ideology behind Internet.

Same things happen with social networking websites. Todays, to have information is to have power.
Notice that advertisements that pop up on our walls are based on our interests; meaning that Facebook sells our information to advertisers.
Well, we have so many reasons to have social networking’s account and access it but do you agree if your details information are being sold?

Social networking sites have changed the way we live. Some agree that it becomes part of our culture. Do you agree?

Today is the sixth days without Facebook. Honestly, I attempted to activate it; because few days ago I met new friends from my photography club and usually we would post and share our pictures there. Also, I have ‘habit’ to share my thoughts on Facebook.
But now, without Facebook I am using other medium to connect with my friends such as Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and back to write on my blog again.
I also realize that majority of my new friends do not know my Yahoo account, meaning my details information are protected; I am back to face to face conversation again.
Thus, if before we could live without Facebook, now we can do it too. The question is do you want it or not?


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