Romy Martinez

These past few weeks, i have learned new thing. Well, it’s not really NEW but i have reminded about it: To appreciate small things.

I got the inspiration from a man that i met in work. I made his story for a TV program.

His name is Romy Martinez.

He is a simple guy, he is working as a sales guy in side street kiosk in Manila. He is 57 years old, he has 5 children. He does not have good stuff at his house and he lives in a house that is smaller than my living room. But, i see his sincerity and humbleness. 

He is a volunteer in Tzu Chi Foundation. He’s never become Tzu Chi beneficiaries. But after he saw what Tzu Chi did to his best friend, he becomes volunteer. His best friend, Roberto, was helped by Tzu Chi for cataract operation. Since then, two of them are Tzu Chi volunteer.

I love with what Romy told me,

Love other people as how you love yourself. When we are troubledwe look for people who could help us. So I like that principle, that others will love me back. What I do first is to sow lovethat way, God sees what we do to others and He knows what to do to those who habitually help others.”

There is not many people like him. From him, i learned how i live my life. Do i live a humble life or i become a person who is selfish and self-centered?

Thank you for the inspiration, Romy. 

ImageI hope i can be a person that can give inspiration to other people, like what you did to me.




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