A scene on June 2014: “Hey, i might be back, for good, next year!” i said to a friend – and i kept repeating same message to different friends in Jakarta. It was like i made an announcement, earlier!

In fact, at that time, i was just saying those words. Yes, i have had plan to leave Pinas for good in 2015. I felt, i have enough in this country; I didnt know what to pursue, anymore. So, i was thinking to back to work in my previous office and continue my career again as a broadcaster.

Then, sometime in August 2014, the certainty came to me. I have to leave Pinas on January 2015. And go to another Asian country. Waks…was it a coincidence or it’s God’s way?

Facing the reality in front of me is like i am dreaming: i thought i wanted this, but now i’m not sure if i want this. And started to think,”Aw i have many things to do here, my thesis…and my promises to somebody here…bla bla bla…”

But the decision has made. I need to leave on January 2015 and will come back again to defend my thesis and graduation.

I came here in Sept 2008 and now is Oct 2014, so i have been living in Pinas for more than 6 years.

It’s not a good bye. No, it is not. Because i cant say good bye to a home!



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