Only few people know that i am a fan of Jason Mraz. And after two years just listen to him trough my iPod, last night i could listen to him LIVE. Woa…what an experience. Finally i understood why fans are always hysterical crying when meet with his/her idols…well, i didnt have tears, but i had goosebumps. Mmm,probably because the entry was really dramatic (thanks to Mona, Raining Jane); or probably because the song that i couldnt remember the title but i listen to it every now and then :p

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Well, when i was a teenager, i had some idols, mostly were singers and actress. But i’ve never had a chance to watchtheir concert or meet them in public or any situations. So, the memories are just that. Wait….i have seen a Taiwanese singer in Taipei, sang in a park. I like one (yes only ONE!) song, so when i saw him sang, i didnt have any feeling (my friend bought his album, got his signature and took photo with him). So, there….That’s it!

But with Mraz, it’s different (mmm..i sound like i’m falling in love haha). I listen to his songs since 2012 from my iPod. His Freedom Song is my Gym song, its push me to run more and more; Details in the Fabric is my song whenever i feel lonely and low; 3 little things song is my friend when i feel fails and the list doesnt stop there.

With me having lots of encouragement from his songs, i think he is success in spreading positivity to people through songs. Not every musician can “infect” this “virus” like he does. Because, its all depends on the life of the musician. So, here’s my theory: A contended person can produce a meaningful piece of art; because it comes from the heart and life experiences. I’ve seen it in many forms of arts, such as photography, film, writings, paintings and more….

That’s it! The lesson from the concert ^^


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